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Welcome To Mega Mini Brute 2

The Ultimate MiniBrute Hack

The Mini Brute by Arturia was built to be modded. While there are some other sites on the web that have touched on doing a few simple hacks, none have gone into doing anything that ressembles this : an huge selection of patch points for output and input, as well as a few switches to swap componet values in the circuts.

Email me Contact Me if you have questions. Note that I can not provide tech support for these mods.

Arturia Mega MiniBrute 2 modified hacked in shop with scope This is the theoretical taken to reality. This is the ultimate Aurturia MiniBrute hack mod ever done so far. While some folks have added a few pactch points here or there, I've gone rather all out adding over 24 I/O patch points. I’ve also added a few switches that mod certain ciricuit components for more advanced sounds as well.

Mega MiniBrute buffer op amp circut board hand wired



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There is a good sized circuit board inside for properly buffering all inputs and outputs which took lots of wire to connect. Not only can you patch around the Minibrute itself, but it can also patch quite nicely with other analog synths as well. In fact I've patched it into the mod depth of a digital delay for some interesting effects.

Check out out the mods, circuit information, pics and sound samples. I’ve had this working for a while and I”m still finding new things to do with this unit. Since Aurturia and its designer Ives made it so easy to mod, get out the soldering iron and get to it.

Mega MiniBrute patch panel close up LFO and sample and hold waveforms out


This of course voids your warranty, I’m not responsible if you damage your unit. YOU assume if you are attemping to do any of these mods presented you have the tools and experience needs to succesfully carry them out.

Arturia Mega MiniBrute 2 circuit board mod hack close up


Sorry but I don’t offer tech support or debugging on mods. I can suggest that having a scope can be your biggest help if something does go wrong in tracking down the problem. Most of the time its a simple short, bad jack, misssoldered jumper on the wrong location or a bad connection in any other way. So try the easy fixes first because thats usually the problem.

Disclaimer : The site is based on a project that is not affiliated with Arturia. The schematics published on this site are property of Arturia. They are made available only for personal use by courtesy of Arturia. Details of these schematics are subject to change without notice. Any modification to a MiniBrute will immediately void its warranty. Arturia or any of its affiliates will not accept responsibility for any damages, personal loss or injury that may result from any modification to the device.
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